About Wedge Squared Strategies

How Wedge Squared Strategies Started

Wedge issues are what divide the two old political parties. Double wedge issues divide the people from politicians in both of the two old political parties. With the decline of both old parties, the winning coalition is built by breaking voters away from the two old parties and their broken partisan politics.

Wedge Squared Strategies was formed to provide the strategic and communications advice necessary for candidates to make greater impact in their elections, help organizations connect with their constituents, and help all of our clients rise to the next level. There are many firms that do what we do, but not many of them that work with and for libertarians.

By connecting candidates and organizations with the tools and team that they don't know that they need, we are empowering the gold wave that will sweep across America over the next decade and destroying the conventional political wisdom about what is possible.

Our Team

Our mission is to provide the right people and tools to our clients to bring them to the next level. Wedge Squared is a network of experienced campaign professionals, elected officials, legal experts, writers, and digital designers. We take a comprehensive approach to each of our client's needs.

Nicholas Sarwark

Nicholas Sarwark


Mr. Sarwark is Principal of Wedge Squared Strategies. With a background as a computer scientist, lawyer, and small businessman, he brings the perspective and understanding needed for candidates and organizations to communication and effectively engage their target audience.

Valerie Sarwark

Valerie Sarwark


Ms. Sarwark is Operations Director of Wedge Squared Strategies. She brings a depth of organizational and professional experience in marketing, project management, and talent acquisition to the team and keeps us all on task and on target.

manzo headshot

Richard Manzo


Mr. Manzo is Head Coach of Wedge Squared Strategies. He has experience putting the fundamentals of good campaigning into action at every level, having been elected to municipal public office four times while serving presidential, gubernatorial, and local campaigns.

porter headshot

Jake Porter


Mr. Porter is an Outreach Director of Wedge Squared Strategies. He applies the deep marketing and outreach skills he's gained working for Yahoo! and Google as well as his own gubernatorial campaign to ensure our clients are reaching who they need to reach.

What Our Clients Are Saying

As a communications consulting firm, you would expect us to be able to write persuasive copy about how good we are at what we do. Anything less would be like a psychic not knowing the winning lottery numbers. But even more persuasive than our hand-crafted prose are the real stories from our clients about what we did for them in their own words.

"“When we needed to meet a critical strategic fundraising deadline, Nicholas Sarwark was able to help us meet the goal in less than a week.”

Brad Barron, Candidate for US Senate, Kentucky

"The advice from Wedge Squared on focusing our mission and engaging with donors has been invaluable as we take the Free State Project to the next level.” 

Vince Perfetto, Executive Director, Free State Project

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