Our Client Work

The Free State Project, a libertarian 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to bringing 20,000 freedom loving individuals together in New Hampshire, needed help with fundraising and strategic communication. We worked closely with the Executive Director to identify new opportunities for financial support, improve communications with supporters and potential supporters, and develop fundraising plans and appeals.

A native Kentuckian and regenerative farmer, Brad Barron is the 2020 Libertarian nominee for U.S. Senate, running against the Senate Majority Leader. When Brad needed help to meet a $100,000 fundraising goal, we were able to help identify and secure enough contributions to meet the goal by the deadline, qualifying for a major televised debate. We also provide advice on campaign organization, communications, policy, and strategy.

A husband, father, missionary, and prison chaplain, Ricky Dale Harrington, Jr. is also the 2020 Libertarian nominee for U.S. Senate in Arkansas. Because of dirty tricks from the incumbent that caused the Democrat to drop out of the race, Mr. Harrington is in a one-on-one race against the most despised Republican Senator in the country. We have helped the Harrington campaign make inroads to non-traditional areas of political and financial support and provide guidance in taking advantage of the best chance for an elected Libertarian Senator in American history.

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